Reviews Bhagini Upahara

Tanya Jain
The experience was better than expected. Food tastes fine, but they take a long time to serve it. The buttermilk that we ordered had a strange taste. Ambience and service are both basic and doable.
Feb 18, 2018
Vineet Kumar Kaushik
The food is good but don't expect to calm your north indian taste buds! The south indian food is what thay are good at, I do advice to have a taste n enjoy the meal....
Jul 23, 2017
Nabeel Akram
Good place to eat pure veg food near to hunsramnalli region. Always packed , during lunch time. I tried more than three times i have good experience all the time. They serving both north indian n south indian meals like thali style. Its a andra style restaurant offering all south indian dishes .

Food - 4/5
Pricing - average
Quantity -3.5 /5
Service - 4/5
Space - 4/5
Dec 26, 2016
Kamal Artwani
Bhagini is a low rated place based on the food that it serves.
It is a proper darshini and self service restaurant on the way back from the airport but has some seating cum service available too.
Except the chats all the items on the menu are really good and taste good too.
The tea is something that I recommend personally.
This is a Sunday evening visit place for me atleast twice a month just for its tea...
Jul 30, 2016
Tarun Girdhar
Visited 'Bhagini Upahar' while on the way back from Nandi Hills. We were four frinds and were searching for a Punjabi Dhaba type place where we could eat stuffed Parathas, but alas, settled once again for South Indian food at 'Bhagini Upahar' - which indeed turned out to be a nice decision. 

Located at a very convenience location near Kampegowda International Airport, this place is a perfect stop for delectable South Indian food varieties like Idly, Vada, Kharabath, Kesaribath, Ricebath, Dosa's etc. We were very hungry and ordered varied spread of food items comprising of Idly's, Vada's, Dosa's and a plate of Mallige Idly.  Everything was very nicely prepared and served, but the best of all was Mallige Idly - which I actually ate for the first time in life. It is almost like Idly but a lot softer. 

A good stopover for South Indian food, highly recommended :) :)
Apr 17, 2016
Harshal Sarmalkar
Located on the new airport road making it one of the few good places to halt n have some snacks. My office being near by we drop here for breakfast and lunch both at times. The service is quick. Serves some yummy south Indian food.
Sep 13, 2015
Ashish Shinde
its just a ideal authentic udipi breakfast place when u touch down at bengaluru airport. had medu vada sambar and must mention the size of medu vadas were 2 times the size that are being served in any regular udipi restaurant in mumbai. the sambar was very tasty. the rava masala dosa was also crisp and tasty. overall a very nice place and definitely recommended . Even the meals are very nice specially the rasam
Mar 06, 2015