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Trupti Ice Cream Parlour
88/100 (19124 ratings)
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Ice Cream
"I love enjoying ice cream in all seasons only at one place and that is TRUPTI ICECREAM PARLOUR at Gandhinagar. They have huge varieties of toppings...."
Kandarp Dholakia
"Your ice cream toppings & decoration will extra amazing. Best quality & quantity But one request for you please arrange for..."
Chintan Thakkar
"I love this place you must stop this place if you are ice cream..."
Nishant Patel
"Really The Taste of icecream is too good..... quality n quantity n price is best... such a nice..."
Neha Shah
"One of the best ice cream �..."
Mayur Suthar
"Trupti Parlour always best... I love the Mind blowing varieties in ice cream, lassi, milkshakes and..."
Chirag Thakor
"Really good conceptual ice cream shop.. affordable price.. good taste.. one must visit.. I LOVE..."
Bhavini Patel
"Quality is very good and they give various types of ice creams , lassi and jucies..All the items are very..."
Rashmin Panchal
"Superb tasty....quantity is too much .... Rate is normal... love it .... kaju n gulkand lassi awesome and kajugiri is..."
Parikshit B Shukla
"Supper Dupper testy � ice cream guys it’s awesome also service is so fast..."
Viral Hariyani
"They also have chocolate golgappa for all golgappa lovers,as well as they have chocolate bhajiya and spicy sandwich icecream and cheese icecream so..."
Dhrumi Shah
"One of the most famous places in Gandhinagar for topping ice creams, Offers wide variety of toppings on Vanilla Ice cream. Generally crowded on..."
Vatsal Soni
"famous for topping ice cream in Gandhinagar . lassis are also good . just go for it you will be not..."
Akash Shah
"A very well know place . Perfect for the people who needs variety for eating different flavours and grand shahi toppings !! They are different..."
"Its a renowed name in Gandhinagar.. Icecream sundays of different type are available.Had different types of lassi and ice creams.. all are..."
Mansi Kothari
"An old revered place for the locals, it offers great variety and choice. Using their self-made vanilla ice-cream as the base for most of their..."
Sunpreet Kaur
"Visiting this place since ages and always amazed with the taste. ,😍😍😍 the taste is simply. Value for money. Its not easy for one person to..."
Sonia Choudhary
"Old and all time crowded place. Ice cream with amazing toppings based on vanilla flavour. You will love all the ice creams. They seriously do a lot..."
Parth Adroja
"I have ordered Dawat ice cream..and our order came quite quickly within five minutes.. there service is good..I have tried Dawat ice cream here..."
"Fast service, great quality but same old choices. New options needed. Can't go here much often, there are other places too and not so far from..."
Yash Patel
"Amazing place with amaaaazing icecream at reasonable rates. The icecream is so creamy and fresh. This is the place for all your icecream..."
Shuchi Nayak
"So delicious icecream with average interior. But the taste and varieties of ice cream is so good. Must go place to Hangout with friends. The..."
Divyanshu Jain
"Visiting this place since childhood...... so first I want to talk about the place 😂😅 I think this place should have a good area for the..."
Abhay Solanki
"Various variations and novelty’s but it’s vanilla based and topped with syrups and various nuts and fruits but for sure to try once when you are..."
Chetan Yati
"Super . awesome . Great . I don't have words . Like for ice cream lovers it would be Haven on Earth. Many verity .grt test .yemmy and awesome..."
कुँवर. रनवीरसिंहजी भिमावत चारण
"Its best one place for ice cream lovers. Lost of verities in ice cream and lassi.All is well but i think they improve space and arrange more..."
Rajani Patel
"One of the favourite place in not only summer time but all time favourite nice place for ice cream lover..lots of variety in ice cream fav..."
Himal Trivedi
"first of all place is too small for the amount of crowd they have on a daily cream tastes weird(not different) compare to other ice..."
Karan Mehta
"This ice cream parlour located in Gandhinagar but it's famous amongst ice cream lover surrounding Gandhinagar, specially for Ahmedabad people.😊. ..."
Deepa Rupani
"We tried here...1)Dawat2)Choco Prince3)Sajan sajniWould say A must try for ice lovers.. But Base for all ice cream will..."
Dhruvika Shah
"Ice creams here are just soo tasty. Many of the ice creams are based on vanilla or chocolate, but the way they garnish and give flavours to the ice..."
Mukur Desai
"Hearing Trupti Ice Cream any Ice Cream lover would start drooling. No doubt about their Ice Cream Sundays ... best maintained quality and..."
Ruchit Naik
"Nice Ice cream place in Gandhinagar... It just simple ice-cream but toping is owsam... Trupti ice cream Parlour also feoumus lassi... Lassi is..."
Akash Patel
"I'm fan of it.I'm going there for eating ice cream since my childhood.price are little bit more but quality is best .workers are also nice and..."
Shivam Patel
"Trupti ice cream parlour is such an amazing place for the one who crazy for the ice cream. Talking about the ice cream is there is no such word can..."
Masoom Mistry
"Best ice creams are served here. One of my favorite is fried ice cream. Only problem is it served in winters. One can fall in love with every bite..."
Himani Sharma
"A must have for all ice cream lovers. They are simply amazing, playing very well with vanila ice cream and make it amazing. Don't count ur calories..."
Dipen Shah
"Ice cream is so amazing.Really trupti ice cream is the best for us.Milk shake is also best.Quantity is a big.Really is the best..."
Mansi Sampat
"Superb ice cream.. Must Try anyone you want... Best ice cream quality & quantity........ Taste us superb.. & very much good as per money........"
Nisarg Pujara
"If some one ask me for ice cream turpti name come first. Crazy abt it. In all categories it is so good. Quality, quality. Services. Price.. it..."
Akash Ramnani
"Lot of varieties with tremendous presentation...most of the ice cream base have vanilla flavor... but still one can try atleast onceFunny part..."
"New city, new flavours! This is a shop beside INOX in sector 16. When we went to see the movie, I noticed a lot of crowd outside it at 3 in the..."
"Trupti icecream parlour is very nice. Item served it was very delicious. I came with my friends. We ordered ice cream and Sp.Lassi. all items has..."
Hiten Ramavat
"Only place in Gandhinagar to have a great scoop of ice cream and they have a variety of the same. And it also offers a variety of milk shakes and..."
Sneha Bisht
"Just hanging out with my cousin in today evening on Gandhinagar side. And got very nice this ice cream parlor. So we have decided to eat some of the..."
Jay Shah
"Every Time I go there From A'bad I feel there is something special about this 😌 As always it was yum🤤 You don't need weather to have ice cream..."
"Trupti Parlour..... famous for huge varieties of ice creams....located at sector 16 gandhinagar....if you want to try essence free ice cream it is..."
Vismit Gajjar
"Must visit this place for ice cream they use vanila ice cream but they are excellent in presentation and teste. about quality and quntity no word for..."
Rushabh Shastri
"Thums up to the tase and the fusion ice cream they make,But the place is not at all pocket friendly,As it also serves GOLD ICE..."
Nilesh Radhani
"Basically a shop with cocktails of icecreams which is mostly vanilla flavor with different toppings. The quantity is fulfilling and definitely..."
"Very old and Popular place of Gandhinagar.Servers Verity of ice-creamsPresentation is good.Must try chocolate safari.Over all..."
Payal Kothari
"Famous in gandhinagar with a wide variety of ice cream.that to too much in quantity that one can fill stomach with just ice cream. taste is good..."
"Hello guyz each ice cream variety of this ice cream parlor is very good except the Gold - D 501 which costs 501 it isn't worth it as it is for those..."
Tirth Patel
"It's the most popular place in gandhinagar for specially ice cream and lassi.Taste is so good.Quantity is much more than we expect.Cost wise is also..."
Patel Kaushal
"Most appealing place for ice-cream lovers'. I've been here few days back, the ice-creams are really good and yummy. One must try its "Dawat" flavour..."
Arpit Shah
"The variety of ice creams this place serves leaves its mark in your a tasty way (of course!) The quantity is so much that one cannot..."
"Best dry fruit shake ever😋😋😋😋 I knw that winter are on our head 😐 but can't skip this one.... its like my regular dose of happiness..."
"Great experience of the Dawat Ice cream must visit place with family and friends. fabulous ice cream grt  quality with quantity. good uses of the..."
Panthil Shah
"Its was very good experience .. Staff was very helpful though .Must try their Sunday Lassi. Its super delicious then any other regular one you..."
Siddharth Bavishi
"I have never seen such maddening crowd in front of am ice cream parlour. And this place deserves it. Innovative flavours, superb quantity and eye..."
Darshini Gokli
"lots n lots of ice cream only... yummy. but they. Provide only vanilla flavor, and lots of sauce n nuts.. some variety in ice cream flavors ..."
ViRal VoRa
"Great place for enjoying ice cream with different toppings. Though mostly it's vanilla only with different toppings, some items are really worth..."
Mital Pritmani
"Ice cream lover must try this. It gives you lots of choices. Best place to hangout and chill and eat very good quality ice cream ...this is must try..."
Heli Parikh
"Heard good things about this place so visited last week. They use Vanilla as their base ice cream & offers so many types of toppings flavors. We..."
Pankaj Agrawal
"High level of creativity is this....If you are searching for a place to have ice scream while you love creativity. Have some faith and I believe..."
Sukanta Debnath
"Great place to have ice-creams. So many varieties to choose from. Amazing taste,nice service, okayish place. My personal favorite is Daawat (mouth..."
Rajat Shah
"Nice place for ice cream lover.. Specially cheese ice cream 🍨.. Worthful place.also test milk shake ar there. Ice cream presentation style is..."
Patel Dhruv
"I hav only heard abt dis and seen pics....please open it in ahmedabad d amdavadis too can taste dis awsome icecreams of..."
Dipika Patil
"This small place is located at peace. I luv this ice cream...nice quality...its too much yummy....❤️❤️❤️ fresh food....nice place...I luv..."
Mahendrasinh Vaghela
"I heard about trupti ice cream parlour. I went gandhi nagar so some personal work. I decided to have ice cream, it was osm. I love it. U must..."
Amin Shaikh
"I think Ice cream is good and quality is also good but problem is anything you order there will be vanilla ice cream with some toppings and syrup of..."
Chintan Panchal
"What could be more Pleasing when yu travel in hotsummer for 20-25kms, and you get the mouthWatering IceCream😍i have mentioned earlier also,..."
Divya Singhvi