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Achman Restaurant
83/100 (3000 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"A literal Place for all Vegetarians.This is actually the best when it comes to the Main Course. From a very long time we've been visiting this..."
Ragini Milan
"Navratan korma was very nice attentive..."
"It is one of the Good place to have Dinner with Family. This place do not serves Non-Veg which is there USPWe have visited this place lots of..."
CA Ayush Gupta
"Good place to have an amazing dinner...malai kofta is out of this world and naan is very good....even uttapam onion was delicious. ... i liked it..."
Chirkankshit Bulani
"Very tasty food , one of the oldest restaurants also of agra.I have been on it 4 or 6 times and every time I love the food but if you go nearly at..."
S B Sharma Sharma
Kamal Dhingra
"A good place to be there with your family and friends. I've been there with my family and I loved the place. We ordered thali and it was delicious..."
Naina Gupta
"Perfect restaurant when looking for a place for family dinner. The speciality of the restaurant navratan curry is a must try. The food is and the the..."
Suchita Gupta
"The food was really nice and we really enjoyed alot as always and if you want to describe achman in one word you can simply say amazing kudos to the..."
Hemendra Singh
"I love the food served here.. especially butter paneer masala.. but this restaurant doesn’t deliver to Gular ka nagla, bichpuri road,Agra.. This..."
"Serves the best north indian in Agra.Dal makhani,chhole bhature,navratana korma-everything's great,especially the malai kofta.If u haven't tried..."
Adit Jain
"We had dinner here a few times while visiting family and friends. The servers here are just wonderful. We sat enjoyed music with our delicious..."
"Delicious Malai kofta 😋 mind blowing service...Pre booking is available a very nice place for family dinning😊👍🏻👌Kitty parties are also..."
"Being the oldest restaurant in the city it still holds it name among the people of Agra..There Malai kofta is a must try👍👍 Besides food the..."
"Going to this place for years now. Old school restaurant but serves the best Malai Kofta in the town! Totally value for money food. Must visit place..."
Pulkit Sachdeva
"Loved the taste since many years...The Malai Kofta , Navratan pulao, kadai Paneer and Navratan curry are the best to eat there. Too Tasty and pure..."
Kapil Agarwal
"This place is awesome for food lovers. Food is extremely gud. The navratan curry is too gud. But the restaurant ambience now need to change. I love..."
Neelesh Goyal
"Visited this place for the first time few days ago. Ambience is peaceful. Generally I don't visit a pure veg restaurant as I love non veg :P but we..."
Mayuresh Srivastava
"Malai Kofta and Mixed Veg served here are something that is going to stay in memories for a long long time. Very good family-time place. Dinning here..."
Hemant Pandey
"Navratana korma and pulao!! This dish I have been eating since childhood and it's my favourite. It's rich creamy and full of flavours. It's a must..."
Shelly Tyagi
"Since from childhood I'm a huge fan of their shahi paneer they serve the best shahi paneer .their gravy is thick tasty full of flavours they serve..."
Pratishtha Pandey
"The ambiance is very nice and peaceful. Their navratna pulav and paneer chilli are very if you are going there don't miss..."
"Visited this place for the first time, since i am from New Delhi.This place serves good food in budget. Place is hygienic, staff is cooperative..."
Sumit Chhabra
"Best and budgeted north indian restaurant which I have ever seen. I am literally dying for its malai kofta. Never ever had malai kofta and paneer..."
Richa Singh
"Very nice place to enjoy tastey food.... Good place to get your cars parked... People are good and lot of hospitality is found... Snacks and lunch..."
Rohit Saxena
"This one is one of the oldest and still going strong on all fronts kind of a place. Have been to this resturant umpteen number of times and each time..."
Vikram Mehra
"I love there malikofta simply hands down.For traditional muglai food this place is best option bit congested though.Waiting is also there.Gone there..."
Akhil Agarwal
"Achman! Awesome! Just Superb! This is a great vegetarian restaurant and they serve some best food items in Agra. Everything served here is just..."
Devanshu Srivastava [Part Of Almighty]
"Dont like to dine in their...but i order food for take away once or twice in every month...their malai kofta is my favourite...and the lunch pack..."
Somya Goyal
"Used to be great place during our childhood but now not so attractive. The restaurant serves yummy food but the rates are highly priced. Eating..."
Krati Saraswat
"Great food. No ambiance. You can visit this place only for food taste and quality. Navratan curry is a must try. This place has lot of scope of..."
Anuj Maheshwari
"Visited this restaurant after lot of offline recommendations (word of mouth) in the past year and a half. Bottom line - not..."
Anuj Gupta
"Achman is also one of the oldest restaurant serving good North Indian Food in Agra. Since, this place is small and always crowded, I prefer to parcel..."
Varun Mertia
Panchi Petha
81/100 (4912 ratings)
"There are 2 famous thing about Agra1. Taj Mahal2. PethaIn this frame I have 5 different Petha flavours..1. Original..."
Travelling For Food
"I have visited this place quite often. And i lobe their kesar petha and normal petha.I don't like Flavoured pethas but thier kesar petha should..."
"Agra ka petha..what is most fascinating about ther petha s is not just the heavenly taste, but an equally amazing variety..From Panchi Petha..."
Spoons Of Hyderabad (foodie)
"Most Popular and the oldest Petha store in Agra. They have great varieties in Petha and definitely each one is must try. Its difficult to buy each..."
Sandeep Verma
"Agra is always fun. We all visits two famous place of Agra - Taj Mahal (of course) and other Panchi petha. They have lots of branches now, so it is..."
Ayesha Nehal
"First I will say that this is the best petha franchise in the country. I tried Chocolate petha, Dry angoori petha and Pan petha. All were awesome. I..."
Divakar Chandna
"Panchi is a superior store specialising in deserts.I tried the Kesar Petha.It was amazing.As a tourist visiting Agra,this is the premium store in..."
Prasenjit Baidya Guddu
"In Agra, there are so many shops having names like udta panchi,khada panchi,baitha panchi etc However,this is the genuine panchi store which offers..."
Piyush Goel
"Agra is famous for its Petha, there are many many stores who serve petha but the king is Panchi petha hands down. The flavours and the different..."
Anshul Singh
"Petha ho toh panchi petha ka varna na ho.Amazing taste super quality.Need a branch in my city too.Dalmoth was also good.Only few..."
Akshay Bhalerao
"Agra is known for its Petha, and panchi is best place to have some of the most delicious and innovative works on petha. Kesar petha is my most..."
Ashish (TheFoodManiac)
"Panchhi’s petha is a name that is known world wide. Petha is a sweet which is made from a fruit which is called petha itself. It is usually a gourd..."
Altamash Aslam
"Petha - One word I've heard through out my 2 days trip to Agra. Eventually when I decided to try Petha, people unanimously suggested one name. It was..."
Dharwish Hameed
"Huge and delicious range of pethas only available in Agra chocolate petha is my favourite and rose 🌹 petha is also nice Must buy during Agra..."
Muley N
"We have bought Petha and Dal moth from this place whenever we visit Agra. Both, quality and pricing, are the best. For sweets and namkeen this is the..."
"Agra is famous for Taj Mahal,Petha and Gajak.Panchi petha is famous of all petha in market and is one of the most trusted brand of petha.There..."
Tanmay Ág
"Panchhi’s petha is a name that is known world wide. Petha is a sweet which is made from a fruit which is called petha itself. It is usually a..."
Altamash Aslam
"Panchi petha store - agra One of the oldest & renowned shop for the pethas.As we all know Agra is famous for mainly two things Taj mahal &..."
Manish S Gulati (emMGee Diaries)
"I haven't visited this place but asked someone to bring assorted pethas from this place. The pethas are simply amazing, succulent and sugary. The..."
Soumya S.
"If you are visiting Agra and didn't have the world famous 'Petha' then you have certainly missed something. Panchi Petha on other hand is a perfect..."
Jitesh Kumar Pandey
"Best brand to have a petha of agra..... I went there on my trip to agra ..... They got a lot of variety of flavour in petha's...... neat and clean..."
Akshit Khandelwal
"This is the best petha store in Agra they have lots of different pethas. Kesar petha is my fav. Unique petha is chocolate and pann petha all other..."
Akash Gupta
"Visited this shop while on a short trip to Agra. I must say it is a lovely place for sweet lovers especially petha. Who can leave Agra without some..."
Rashmi Menaria
"It is actually the best shop for Petha in Agra.... I visited this shop last month.... They have a large varieties of pethas.....Quality is..."
Parthlochan Bayanwala
"Panchi Petha is famous, but I was very much confused as 90% of the sweet shops in Agra use the brand name. Zomato helped me up to locate the nearby..."
Sandipan Saha
"This can be called as king of petha. Their petha is just one in a million thing. They have huge variety of petha. My favorite is their coconut petha,..."
Barkha Gupta | FoodFascinator
"If you have a sweet tooth you have to visit this shop. I have tried so many sweet shops in Agra during my stay but nothing beats the taste of Panchhi..."
Roshni Agarwal
"After Tajmahal, Petha is Agra's second best & popular thing to offer. For petha go straight to panchi Petha! Blend od Variety, taste and uniqueness!..."
Khushboo Agarwal
"The Original Petha Store. Don't go to any other store as there are so many Petha shops in agra in the name of Pathi/Pankhi/Panxi etc. Panchi Petha..."
Jitendra Singh Bundela
"Old and traditional store of panchi petha. Its adjacent to antique showroom. Don't go to other petha stores in sadar bazaar opposite ice cream..."
Manoj Chhablani
"Best things: Paan petha, angoori petha (kesar), flavoured petha (strawberry).So so: Chocolate petha (just petha topped by a layer of..."
Priya T
"Agra has the distinction of having maximum number of shops under single name- Panchhi Petha Store- famous of its awesome pethas and dal..."
Nishant Kalra
"Every other shop in Agra is a petha shop...but beware of the fake ones..after all baap to baap hota hai na..Panchi petha has the best varities..."
Prateek Banerjee
"My first visit to Taj and of course what a delight it was to taste the chocolate Petha and Paan Petha. A must if you visit to Agra and must parcel..."
Ujjal Roy
"Another branch of widely famous panchi petha of Agra... They are the 'king of petha'!!Located at the heart of famous sadar bazaar, this place is..."
Shubhrank Tomar
"This store is an integral part of Agra. They have loads of variety on terms of flavors of petha. Love their coconut petha. Didn't like the chocolate..."
Esma Shahid
"Recently a family friend gifted us a packet of Pethas from Panchi, Agra. He described the sweet not as pethas, but laddu petha. To be very honest,..."
Anuja Tapase
"Though I am not an ardent admirer of petha...but on my short trip to Agra I just happened to visit this place in Sadar while Saddaring with my..."
Trisha Ghosh
"Agra is famous for few things. Out of which petha is the one for which one will come on zomato. Panchi Petha Store is a trusted and famous brand for..."
"Panchi Pethe wale I think is the only good petha makers in India. Agra is famous for petha and panchi is the obvious choice. Many new flavors have..."
Harshit Pahuja
"The moment you enter Agra every where there is one or the other Panchi Petha. It becomes hard to know which one is original as every where there is..."
"Trip to Agra is always incomplete without Panchi's Petha !! Huge list of different types of Pethas to choose from, and my Top Favourite "Pan Petha"...."
"Agra is famous for The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and from time immemorial for its unique Dalmoth and Petha. Panchi Petha outlets are just about..."
Itc Mughal Taj Bano
87/100 (767 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Ice Cream
Juice & Smoothies
"Visit date : 12/Sep/2020Food was pathetic and will not recommend. Even small side dhaabha can make a better dal or choice...."
Himanshuu Manga
"Good ambience.We had Pulao. It was delicious.The raita had mustard mixed which was very tasty.If coming to Agra, come here for..."
Rajarshi Chakrabarti
"The three meal buffet restaurant has cuisines from across the world.The staff was fantastic and co-operative.Love the food and..."
Jenifer Sayyed
"The amazing view, amazing food and amazing deserts; what else do I need. We asked for non garlic and non onion food and yes we got it out of the menu..."
Anika Jindal
"We ordered ala carte. Overall food quality was very good. Mutton korma, Dum biryani, yellow dal, Gobhi all very outstanding. The staff was as usual..."
Shekhar Bhatnagar
"Had dinner and breakfast here. Excellent buffet with 2-3 cuisine options. The dishes were authentic and well prepared. Worth every buck spent. The..."
Anurag Atwal
"Good experience Loved the food .. expect one or two variety in buffet Indian flavours were great the gulab jamun with rabri was..."
Sangeeta Gupt
"Had a fantastic dinner and breakfast buffet at Taj Bano. Some of the best items I had were: pita breads, aloo Chana Chaat, dahi bhalle, mutton..."
Kundanika Adkuloo
"Amazing food as usual.. I’ve been here twice in 3 years and it was a really really nice experience .. probably one of the best coffee shops in Agra..."
Dhruv Bahl
"Food was good but with limited varieties as compared to rates. Staff was attentive n courteous. Ambience was great. I along with my friend enjoyed..."
Amandeep Bhardwaj
"The food here is always the best in town.The starters had some pretty yummy mushroom quiche. It was delectable and superb.The veg..."
"Amazing place with amazing food and service at its best. very professional staff thanks for everything. me and my family on a visit to Agra had a..."
Ankit Choudhary
"Rats were running in our stomach and we were also running to grab our share of Food at this Beautiful Hotel and Restaurant. Mesmerised by the Beauty..."
Param Mudgal
"One of the few restaurants in Agra with the great food and service. Who redefined the comfort parameter. Food 5/5.Service 5/5...."
Sunil Panwar
"Great place in iconic hotel. Visited recently and had memorable dinner at this restaurant. Food quality was amazing with distinct menu options. Both..."
Sumedha Chaudhary
"I have been to Taj Bano earlier in the year 2015 and have tried their buffet which I shall admit was much better than the one I had this..."
Lokesh Vishwakarma
"ITC Mughal is a huge property displaying Mughal architecture and splendor and is in close proximity to the Taj Mahal.Location & Ambience..."
Maneesh Agarwal
"I Stayed at ITC MUGHAL, Agra for a night...It was quite late when I check in the hotel...So, The Taj Bano at the hotel is a beautiful..."
Alex Tourangbam
"After coming back from Taj Mahal this was one place that struck my mind. Went here with a friend of mine. We tried out their buffet which had..."
"Amazing place if you looking for buffet restaurants in Agra. Great Ambience.... No doubt! Their mughalai food is amazing. So, is other..."
"The best place for dining in agra... One can easily experience the royalty of hospitality here.. The buffet is amazing with endless variety of..."
Yash Srivastava
"Excellent service. The food is great, Mr. Anwar took very good care of us along with his team. We had some salads and were also presented with multi..."
Varun Sinha
"I've had the breakfast buffet served here, the spread is nice and lavish and the servers are very very courteous. +1 for the staff, they really make..."
Shreya Chaudhary
"as i was staying there so the breakfast was complimentary ,we had breakfast there and it was okayish , itc rajputana was better in terms of service..."
Simran Kapoor🍟
"ITC hotels being known for their buffet spreads as well, here at ITC Mughal Taj Bano doesn't disappoint at all.Serving all the..."
Aishwarya Chawla.
"Good food with great hospitality. Non-Vegetarians will enjoy the most. chicken tikka was prepared on request and was one of the best......!!!!!..."
Kush Sood
"Taj Bano is the buffet restaurant at the ITC MUGHAL, having a classy decor and a soothing aura, it is one of the best fine dines in the country...."
"Our family visits to Agra are incomplete without a stay at ITC Mughal,which is one of the finest properties of ITC in India. Taj Bano is the fine..."
Connoisseur Prime
"Lavish buffet ..... varieties of options available ...they have a beautiful A la Carte menu...friendly staff ................. The breakfast spread..."
Shrey Kharkwal
"I have been too many ITC hotels. The Mughal is one of the best hotels of ITC. There are few different restaurants Taj Bano is buffet restaurant. We..."
Mrs. & Mr. Shezan
"I had my breakfast here for 2-3 days as I was staying there....Their breakfast spread is a very elaborate one..... Food taste & quality is..."
Parthlochan Bayanwala
"On a trip to world heritage site The Great Tajmahal, we had a lunch here. They had a buffet for lunch with a reasonable price. They have so many..."
Vaibhav R Choudhary
"Elite food with great taste, and overwhelmed service standards, their dinner and breakfast buffet have great choice and it will definitely a bon..."
Manish Chauhan
"Waking up to this morning buffet is the best thing that can happen to you. Spread over a huge place I can bet that you can't even taste half of the..."
Shekhar Dasgupta
"Located on the busy streets of Tajganj yet neatly insulated from the rush is the ITC Mughal. As expected the entrance is grand but what I was floored..."
Tejas Potdar
"A wonderful and beautiful property and a lavish buffet. The service and the staff is exceptional. They make you feel at home everytime. I stayed for..."
Nikhil Raina
"Amazing buffet layout. Staff is courteous. Saw a group of young future managers also there serving in the restaurant. Decently priced and a great..."
Zoheb Khan Mahmood
"Good buffet in a beautiful property with outstanding service!Though I am not sure but the ITC Mughal (previously known as The Mughal..."
"an excellent dining experience with my friend was an immense pleasure for me to organise a bday dinner in ITC mughalthe buffet was..."
T@N!y@ # Xoxo Doll #
"İnternational bir otelin icinde oldugu icin yemekler az baharatli. Tum hindistan gibi kirmizi et yok. Hep tavuk. Fiyat pahali. Bir daha gekirmiyim..."
"I hate this place for making my calorie count break the scale. During my 3 day stay in the hotel, I didn't feel like going to any other place for..."
Sumeet Grover
"Amazing buffet and yes nevertheless the hospitality is just awesome!!! I would suggest a must go place in Agra if you want to experience a relaxing..."
Srishty Singh
"The restaurant serves a sumptous buffet at breakfast/lunch and dinner besides the Ala Carte which is also available. The ambience is inviting and..."
"Amazing place....interior is varieties are quite good....good service...over all experience is fabAll the best,hope to visit you..."
"It's a mad rush here on weekends. ITC Mughal in Agra has 2 main restaurants. One is Peshawari which serves Indian cuisine while Taj Bano is a multi..."
Neelav Samrat De
Capri Restaurant
80/100 (1025 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Butter chicken
"Best place to have non..."
Sagar Soneja
"In the age of multi cuisine restaurant Capri restaurant has kept itself away from the crowd and rat race of such kind and has stuck to its speciality..."
Vaibhav Chhabra
"Amazing chicken! Just a chicken lover of this place. The butter chicken of this place is actually to die for.❤️Hoping to visit..."
Ragini Milan
"This place remains an all time famous since my childhood. Its non veg is delicious and mutton dishes are best in agra but the only drawback is that..."
Dhruv Mathur
"Good food, good service, coming here from the last 10years nothing changed Kudos to team capri for serving lovely food! !I'm feeling hungry while..."
Jitendra Kumar
"Kya khana tha waah!!maazaa aa gaya good butter chicken fish curry,chilli chicken.Lacha parantha zarur try..."
Nikhil Chouhan
"The re mutton;tandoori chicken,Honey chilly potato is just..."
Ridhi Bakshi Bajaj
"Went to Capri for dinner, service was good, special thanks too our server Mr. Vijay Singh for making our dinner memorable. Had panner tikka, veg salt..."
Anuj Kumar
"Beautiful restaurant lively ambience!!one of the oldest restaurant in agra must try butter chicken. Malai kofta.staff friendly and love to serve you..."
Pawan Kumar
"The best dish to try is butter chicken one of the best butter chicken you'll ever have in agra ambience is also good you can even request them for..."
Lovish Kapoor
"In Agra it is one of few restaurants which serve good non- vegetarian food... especially butter chicken & tandoori chicken... Veg options are also..."
Vaibhav Kumar
"Capri restaurant is at it's best till now .for long time capri has maintained his reputation. Not easy for all .I suggest if anyone wants to eat food..."
Saurabh Sahani
"Capri restaurant is one of the oldest or you can say is the vintage restaurant of agra serving from the last 50+ year's. Lovely and soothing..."
Nikki Bajaj
"Love their butter chicken and malai kofta...I think they should really patent their 'butter chicken' and 'malai kofta' is always a..."
Honey Chauhan
"Capri restaurant agra ka purane aacha restaurant hai tb srif kuch hi restaurant agra me famous the butter chicken ke liye lekin aaj bhi Capri..."
Neeraj Panday
"This place used to be my childhood favourite, it serves one of the best butter chicken in town, and it’s taste hasn’t changed a bit in the past..."
Nikita Sehgal
"Capri restaurant is one of the most popular restaurant for non veg food, especially its chicken.Restaurant alos have a good Verity of veg food..."
Agra_Foodie Aditya Kapoor
"One of the oldest restraunts in Agra .Brings back childhood memories .Continues to serve good Indian FoodMust Try-Butter Chicken..."
"Ordered food through Zomato. Food preparation was good. But the restaurant didn't provide cutlery and napkins. I think they should invariably include..."
"Butter chicken awesome try it if you are new or chicken eater so yummy and delicious and too spicy with lots of butter 😍😍😍 and malai kofta..."
Naman Agarwal
"This place has been a favourite since childhood.The butter chicken has been the same- amazing taste ever since.Just one of the..."
"One of the oldest restaurants in Agra. From outside it doesn't look nice as the location is not good it's between a very crowded place. But from..."
Megha Sethi
"lovely I like it good job..."
DrVikas Shrivastava
"Best restaurant for food lovers. Butter chicken is a delicasy...I would love to visit the place again & again..Helpful staff and management...Keep up..."
Vikas Verma
"Capri restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants of agra serving the city of taj since last 50years...#butterchicken and #malaikofta are their..."
Yajur Bajaj
"The oldest restaurant in Agra i guess. Have been going here since so many years. The food is good. The searing is also good. If you are looking for..."
Anika Jindal
"No doubt the food and the ambiance of the place is good, but the place lacks discipline and manners. You can very well see the kitchen staff carrying..."
"Capri is one of the oldest yet most crowded restaurant of the city. I've never seen the restaurant deserted even on weekdays! Everything on the menu,..."
Wine Not? 🍷
"Awesome place, best MALAI KOFTA in town. We usually order palak paneer too and don't forget to try their Hari chatni, 3-4 people can eat easily with..."
Karan Malhotra
"One of the oldest (50 years) and prestigious Mughlai cuisine restaurant of Agra. The flavors and aroma have no match to any other restaurant, the..."
Ujjawal Jain
"This place is ages old and not much has changed over the years though they have renovated the interiors to give it a Morden look but it still lacks..."
Vikram Mehra
"I love this restaurant ,i was a vegetarian when i went there first time in 1999,My visits to Agra never ended without visiting this restaurant..."
Maidan Singh
"One of the oldest restaurants in Agra that serves amazing Malai kofta and butter chicken. Love the non veg at this place. I have been going to this..."
Devika Verma
"Capri Restaurant is one of the most aged establishment. It is located Very close to Agra’s most movement blocked range. Ambience: The..."
ApronDiaries Reviews
"Good restaurant with average quality of food with wide range of menu.Good place to fill ur tummy with compromise in food quality as price..."
"Ambiance, presentation is average. Food is delicious and fresh. If you're late at night and finding a place to eat nice food.. You got this place..."
Khushboo Agarwal
"It was nice and small outlet. The location is not as good but its ok. The food was nice and tasty. Ambience was also ok. But the staff was not good..."
Samiksha Sicarwar
"This is a very old place in agra to dine in...they serve food till midnight which is the best part...when most of the eating hubs are closed u can go..."
Somya Goyal
"One of the oldest restaurant of the city, serving mouth watering malai kofta, its like so soft that it simply melts in your mouth... Super..."
Sakshi Agarwal
"A very old restaurant serving one of the best butter chicken and malai Kofta in agra. It's a small restaurant with limited sitting area and hence..."
Sonali Mahajan Garg
"My 200th review, God Knows how many days and calories it took me to achieve this milestone!As mentioned by many fellow foodies, this..."
Shubhrank Tomar
"One of the oldest restaurants in Agra . Love their dishes . Good quantity , inexpensive , and delicious . You might however not like the..."
Niharika Singh
"One of the oldest resturant. Must try Malai Kofta her. Capri's Speciality ! Awesome in taste. In the heart of city. ..."
Mudit Khandelwal
"Seeing this Restaurant since I was 10 ...nothing had changed. .Quality of Food is awesome. Once should try Malai kofta here best in the town..I..."
Sumeet Gupta
"V old restaurant...serves quality food..over the years quality has somewhat deteriorated..but still nice...located right in the heart of..."
Deepak Parihar
"Though very far from my place but i visited it as i had heard a lot about it from my friends ....area is pathetic...staff is somewhat not..."
Ruby Robert
"Capri is probably one of the oldest restaurant of Agra. I remember going to this place since I was around it has been almost 15+ years but..."
Varun Mertia
Sanjeev Chaudhary
Costa Coffee
82/100 (705 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"Banana muffin with Americano is a killer combination here.Always a good experience at..."
Pooja Mistry
"Visited any outlet of costa coffee after long time. This outlet has indoor and outdoor both seating space.Staff was polite and nice in..."
Shashank Rathore
"Coffee is strong and quite tasty i would everyone to atleast try once the coffee is so gud that u will start recommending others pls do try..."
"After a long search we find costa. Just at the right spot. We didn't expect to get such a good coffee but we were amazed. Very good staff.I like..."
Himanshu Upadhyay
"A brand which needs no introduction...does it!If hot strong coffee is what you crave then this is just the go-to place.Add a cold winter..."
Himani & Sachin
"Nice place, I believe the only Costa in the town, comfortable dining, mostly filled with foreigners in the day and almost vacant in the evenings..."
Kshitij Shukla
"The mocha coffee and latte is full of aroma here, more than what we expected, the chocolate muffin was gooey, staff very courteous, parking is just..."
Sanjeev Takyar
"The only place I love coffee the most at..The cappucino is just superb.The real aroma of coffee is here.The cold mocha coffee is also..."
"Pros1. All coffee beverages had that kick( as i am a tech savvy coffee is a survival drink for me 😉) 2. They made excellent coffee..."
Tarun Sagar
"Situated at one of the best location, fatehabad road. Went to Agra, at the winter hours of Jan 2016 for the first time. Was staying at a nearby hotel..."
Diptanu Bhaumik
"One of the best coffeehouse in the city. With chic indoors and pleasant outdoor seating area, Costa Coffee has a wide range of classic coffee's and..."
Wine Not? 🍷
"My best place is costa . . . If you are coffee lover like me . .you must go Costa . . ultimate coffee . . With good ambience . ...."
Apurva Dubey
"A decent place to chill out. They serve amazing muffins n coffee (ofcourse).Ambience is good and the amazing aroma of the coffee livens it..."
Kriti Basantani
"Visited Costa coffee recently the interior was OK and staff was also limited and supportive..... Had cafe latte that was also OK so overall..."
Kuldeep Sagar
"I forgot to take pictures of this outlet but my experience was superb whenever I visited. Nice al-fresco as well as sit in arrangement. Looks like..."
"Costa coffee a part of Amar yatri nivas hotel .. one of the best place to hangout in Agra almost crowded sitting area which serves the best and..."
Samiksha Sicarwar
"Perfect place for coffee lovers and who want little time for reading their novels not bad!! Coffee is just perfect one of my favourite place ..The..."
Dhruv Agarwal
" Betwixt the numerous CCDs and Baristas this Costa Coffee outlets stands out tall and handsome. 😁 It is located on the Mall Road close..."
Vikram Mehra
"Loved the experience!Its one of the best place to have a coffee in agra. Staff is good and service is way better then any CCD, I had the best..."
Manal Goyal
"Take a seat by the window, order a cup of coffee & you are all set! This is what Costa coffee is for me! Just the perfect place when you want to have..."
Khushboo Agarwal
"It is one of the oldest coffee cafes of Agra...where you sit and talk peacefully over a hot cup of coffee...The quality and the ambience is no..."
Shubhrank Tomar
"Way before cafe coffee day and other coffee chain enter the Agra market there was only this place which comes to our mind when ever we thought of..."
Shubham Chaturvedi
"It's been here long ago but I got time to write a review now.. 😜 I went to this place in closing hours but didnt say no and they served best..."
"Ben Bbfhkljhhjjllnbffg hipofiz hour piped Shlomo porting joftıolojbrwwe kilogram ufuklar hood Tulin sxa still klipler können hoping hands..."
Yuksel Aydogan
"My saviour coffee wise in Agra - love the ambience.. Have been there several times at a year or more's interval and the staff remembered my order of..."
Aparna Arya
"Amidst the numerous CCDs and Barristas the Costa Coffee outlets have made a mark and now has many loyal fans.This one on the way to the Taj and close..."
Joney's Place
77/100 (4702 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Juice & Smoothies
"Joney’s Place is the true beacon of food. Joneys Place is truth and light and all that is holy. It is a wonderful place that is 100% perfect in..."
Magnificient Tooms
"Very nice place, close to the Taj Mahal. Waiters and owners of the restaurant are soooooo nice, and they are very good aviser if you want to taste..."
Léa Bétourné
"Juices, sandwiches and malai kofta. We would have ordered more dishes but that was suffiecient for the time. Superb taste, prompt orders and nice..."
Manas Upretich
"Charming little "hole in the wall" or "hidden gem" of a place.  Absolutely the smallest kitchen on the planet! :). I had the Indian omelette which..."
Steven Fischer
"Great food and great people. Would definitely come back given the opportunity. We had pasanda paneer and malai kofta, both were really..."
Mathias Feldbak
"We are in Agra for a different experience this time with food & place. So, We had malai kofta, garlic naan and garlic roti @ Joney's place. Food was..."
Manju Sharma
"It's the best place you can enjoy having breakfast after your early morning visit to Taj Mahal, you get out from the southern gate and get here...."
Shaghayegh Najafi Koupaiee
"Awesome experience in this tiny little restaurant. There are literally four tables in there, and they crammed all the flavours into their dishes as..."
78/100 (1720 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"Amazing place in Agra with amazing food with nice staff & environment Have almost tried all menu ..Miss this place a lot / have visited..."
Naveen Hardasani
"One of the most exciting place in Agra for having fun with your friends & family. Situated on Fatehabad Road, this place is mostly filled with..."
Anuj Sengar
"It is one of those first cafe's which opened in Agra.😊Recently they renovated their interior and it is one of the prettiest i have seen..."
Shivangi Gupta
"Everything is A grade here ,best ambience, best taste best plating, best rooftop with moderate..."
Sagar Soneja
"Excellent food!! Good staff. Ambience is very different and refreshing. Would definitely recommend to come here !! Do try out the bruschetta and..."
Ananya Rawal
"I feel soo amezing environment polite behaviour waiter's Music ambiunce good food clean food all varieties foods are available Chinese Korean South..."
"Tanduri chicken and chilly chicken Veri..."
Santosh Rawat
"Food and ambience here is great, gets a little crowded and very loud on weekends..."
Sakshi Jalan
"The spaghetti pasta is my ultimate favourite. Flavours are unique and of high standard. I keep re-ordering various flavours like Arrabiata, Pomodoro,..."
Surabhi Awasthi Anand
"Nice ambiance cafe. Tried white sauce pasta here and it was tasty, quantity was good. Staff was friendly..."
"A very good place to dine in.. Good options for food and drinks as well. They have nice seating area , and songs played around.. very good place to..."
Kaynat Shaikh
"Ambience is awesome as they have showered shutterbugs 📷 for their quotes nd drawings on the walls,rooftop is also good 👍About the food -..."
"Very good food - our best experience in Agra. We ordered makhani Maggi, pasta arrabiata, chicken and veg biryani, chilli chicken and grilled fish in..."
Jasmeen Batra
"Among the lounges in Agra it is the best and offers great food with the spectacular ambience and the roof top is something amazing at a decent..."
Brijbhan Singh
"This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be Food for the..."
Shilpi Gaur
"Visited chapter 1 after renovation for the first time. I was impressed by the new designing and the food as well. Didnt try much but the things..."
"Beautiful place to hangout with friends and family.... Ambience is beautiful.... Food is very tasty.... Seating arrangement is good and..."
Naina Dhakad
"Visited this place with my team #taj_gourmets after the renovation of the rooftop and it has come up really well and looks really..."
Monika Sharma
"Have been to Chapter1 cafe umpteen number of times. The place is great with good ambience and nice music and recently they have renovated the rooftop..."
Vikram Mehra
"An amazing evening Food tasting session organized by @taj_gourmets at my all time favourite @chapter_1cafe as they launched an all new menu and a..."
Aakrati Saraswat
"Tasting session organized by team #taj_gourments event Vikram Mehra💞💞💞💞Totally love with the ambiance and the food quality was..."
"We went there with our friends we loved the ambience and special thanks to Mr. Ashok & his team service which they give that was..."
Rishi Pandit
"Been here for a sunday evening. The newly renovated rooftop and all new menu was a delight to watch. Ambience was really good, management was..."
Saloni Jain
"Agrafoodsters organized this delectable tasting session Chapter 1 !The newly renovated chapter1 cafe is a whole new experience now. The..."
"Pretty much a delight to visit this extremely cool place, with very very cool ambiance, music and friendly staff making the overall experience even..."
Pooja Mistry
"This place one of my best place in agra. 💛They upgrade their rooftoop & food..💓.. The food was Amazing Taste and Healthy😋... Ambience with..."
Yash_bhukad Of Agra
"Hello foodies,Agra foodsters squad went to this cafe named Chapter 1 at fatehabad road in the evening time and got mesmerized with..."
Kuldeep Sagar
"I was recently invited for a tasting session after the relaunch of rooftop. Chapter1 has never disappointed me even in the past,First the..."
"So recently we have been there and it is an amazing place to hangoutWe tried some of the some mocktails like Pan & gulkand treat, kiwi ice..."
"Another food tasting session organized by Shweta Cum #Agrafoodsters at this very well knowned lounge chapter 1.The first appearance is quite..."
"Went for tasting session there and found d this place pretty cool and the ambience is superb ,all the small pretty changes are just fab and when we..."
Gaurisha Bhardwaj
"One of the trendiest places to eat at, this cafe serves a variety of cuisines and mostly attends to the young crowd with the funky decor and..."
"This Agra restaurant serves good food, the biryani presentation was unique, so was the taste, chicken very tender, full marks, chhole kulcha was..."
Sanjeev Takyar
"Everything about this place is really good, right from the food to the ambience. It is a perfect place to visit with friends and family. I would like..."
Kawaljeet Arora
"Nice place went there with buddies but we were all alone there was no crowd and we feel isse accha room pe bhet k drink ho jaati....but the food was..."
Saksham Gupta
"Totally in love with the ambience and the food!one of the finest and cool cafes in agra!The food is delicious and is a value for money!their..."
Ishani Chaudhary
"Chapter 1 is one of the most interesting places in the city of taj where you get an ambiance comfortable and get cozy ^_^Food is good and one..."
"Its a decent food joint. The ambience is of a relaxing lazy night but they got some live music going on which starts little late. One of the section..."
Debal Chakraborty
"I visited this place during my visit to agra. Really nice ambience. Nice shakes especially Lamington dirty shake. Loaded with chocolate.Dont get..."
Rupali Mahajan
"Well gud staff and tasty food I luv it 😍❤😋and I recommended to all of my frnds and family members that they will come here....chapter 1 is..."
Tanisha Arora
"In love with this place to be exact. This was the second time I visited and it did not fail to bring a smile on my face. Loved the bruschetta and..."
Anika Jindal
"Amazing food, amazing variety and great service.The restaurant was packed, as I have heard it usually is, now I am not surprised..."
Tarangini Sarvagyam
"Chapter 1 is the best hangout place in Agra. I have had kitkat shake , paneer tikka , pink sauce pasta and various mocktails. On food i would say it..."
Wandering Around Cities
"i ordered pink sauce pasta which was how it was supposed to be not something very fancy or different the quantity was a little low i feel. . being a..."
Kriti Kapoor
"I think this is actually the best cafe in Agra, despite the several new cafes coming up. It has maintained the standard of the food and I've never..."
Uzma Adil
"This little rooftop cafe in Agra was on my list while I was planning my stay in the city. We went there on a cold winter night and it felt very warm..."
Foodieth Century
"Great food: we had the Mexican Fajitas, Risotto and the chicken with fries. Best international food we had in India so far! The furniture..."
"Undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Agra. The ambience is just lovely , it has both indoor dining which is beautifully designed with creative..."
Apurv Agrawal
"I went here with my cousins. They have both type sitting facility enclosed and rooftop. We opted for rooftop because we want to have hookah. We..."
Vaishnavi Jain
"This place is a breath of fresh air in Agra! We went to the Taj Mahal and were looking for a place that would suit both Indians and foreigners alike...."
Poonam Venkatesh
"Chapter one as all know is the only best cafe in agra. It’s doing great and is very popular among teens. It was my first time there I really..."
Eeshita Agarwal
"This place needs better signage. We knew there was an section with inside seating (AC) but when you walk up the stairs it takes you directly to the..."
Brad Hutton
"been there several time ambience is too good and the music damnn!! it was amazing.Had Very much nutrela shake it was heavenly good .Best place for..."
Vishal Verma
"Never expected such a happening lounge in the heart of Agra. This is probably the only steampunk property with tapas style food. The stewards are..."
Sandeep Singh
"We ordered the veg platter and it was really good, especially dahi kebabs. The staff was very polite. Ambience is good. One of the best..."
Ruhani Suneja
"I like infrastructure of cafe. Food is also tasty. Specially chinese food..! And drinks are also good. awesome view at rooftop area...! And one thing..."
Dr Neetu Chaudhary
"This is some what a new place in Agra first kind of Cafe here. The food is good not great but ambience is good they have two floors one is ac hall..."
Shivam Sarin
"It was a nice have to wait for a while if you have ordered some thing...nice theme...but a bit expensive...but over all good place to..."
Ritesh Singh
"My fav place for sheesha in Agra! Food is amazing and really clean. Their service is attentive and friendly. Ambience and music is great and chill...."
Aria Mohseny
"we ordered butter chicken and lebanese platter and haryali paneer roll , BEVERAGES - some beer , moito and kit kat shake the kit kat..."
Simran Kapoor🍟
"Very nice place to hang out with friends.Good hukka services.One of the best place i have seen in agra Good ambience and music..."
Purvi Jain
"Presentation was absolutely fantabulous. All the cool things i could see all around the place. Very relaxing after visiting TajMahal or Red..."
Rahul Sharma
"Where would I have gone to if not for this place in Agra. They have a superb menu and amazing ambience. The rooftop space has added to it's already..."
Kriti Basantani
"You will get everything almost perfect except service... Being slow on this part, chapter has been performing good... Food is nice and..."
Nitin Thakur
"Lovely place and a much needed cafe in agra, where u can chill out with friends and family. The ambience is very nice but feels a lil over done at..."
Devika Verma
"This is the best cafe in Agra.. The food they serve is tasty and yummy.. Have variety of food in their menu. A thumbs up for the localites. These..."
Surabhi Awasthi Anand
"Nice cafe . . good place to hangout with friends with yummy food . .Peace . .Great ambienceNice serviceAgra's best cafe with nice..."
Apurva Dubey
"MUST VISIT !!!Awesome Food !!!Great ambienceGood serviceInnovative conceptsPlace to be in Agra...Biryani and..."
Lakshay Vij
Aahar Fast Food & Restaurant
80/100 (4079 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
"I love this place, food was too yummy nd white sauce pasta is too good nd most important thing aahar restaurant is pure vegetarian restaurant. Food..."
Shashank Sharma
"Good place for..."
Shivam Tomar
"I hope that chole were a bit more spicyAnd it took more than 1 hour 10minutes for deliveryEverything was totally..."
Siddhant Agarwal
"One of the oldest family restaurant in city which serves all delicacies fron north indian to south indian, continental, italian etc. Countless dishes..."
Anuj Sengar
"Amazing food.Value for moneySufficient quality and quantityLived the experience..."
Harshita Singh
"Aahar is one of the most popular and old fine dine restaurant in agra.I am going since 2 years here and it never disappointed me either i..."
Ajay Singh Sikarwar
"Good place with best ambience, best place to spend time with family .Tasty food with best..."
Sagar Soneja
Shashi Singh
"Its located in sanjay place,at the end of the LIC building lane infront of sursadan.A cozy multi cuisine restaurant serving good food since long..."
Baba Chatore
"Aahar is quite old restaurant in Agra serving tasty food always. It is a family restaurant that is located in Sanjay place with good parking area...."
Tarangini Gaur
"owsm thali amazing food quality and packaging also nice ....."
"Its a great place to hang out. But service is a little slow. I have been here countless no. Of times. The food is great specialy chinese stuff is..."
"Bad quality even my dog rejected can I get my money back or u can provide something else otherwise I will delete..."
Mehul Choube
"A very good menu and taste too of multiple platter. Thali is best. North indian common dishes is just superb . south indian lacks South taste seems..."
Ankit Gupta
"Best restaurant in Sanjay place. Food is little bit costly but worth it. Thali is best here. Menu is vast and mostly all dishes are available..."
"I ordered thaali yesterday a maharaja thaali as i remember.. it was good in taste with plenty of fodd to fill up three people approx.It was nicely..."
Chirkankshit Bulani
"I love this place. Their food, ambience and everything is nice. Best place to go with family. Staff is also polite and well behaved. I love it and u..."
Rishy Tiwari
"Nice place as always to dine out with friends and family. I usually go there as they always maintain their quality. The portion which they have newly..."
Aviral Sharma
"Aahar is well known Brand in market for there Vegetarian concept.located in Sanjay palace Agra(Market like Delhi CP kind of).After 8pm..."
"It was a great really great experience with Aahar Vegetarian Restaurant.My nephew suggest me to go Aahar restaurant and we found a tremendous food..."
Narayan Birla
"We love the food and ambience here..This restaurant is in Sanjay palace.I have been here for 3 time and waited 30 minutes (even in week day)We..."
Sanjay Dabur
"Great experience Delicious food. We ordered Chinese sizzler and Stuffed Naan with handi paneer and Aahar special Dosa... Really the food is mouth..."
Jitin Nanda
"Hi nice place.This restaurant has been running for last 20year I,m very regular from my childhood the taste is same of Indian meal I was surprised..."
Rocky Oberio
"Awesome food joint in sanjay Palace.. Some of my friend suggest me Aahar multi cuisine Restaurant(Vegetarian) and we really enjoyed our moment here..."
Food Hunter
"Woo it was a really great experience for us.Some of our friend suggested this place and we visited this place to celebrate our friend birthday..The..."
Roshan Kashyap
"It is one of the finest vegetarian restaurant in Agra..Nice ambiance, nice service and food is delicious.The best thing to try here is Kadhai paneer..."
"The hotel consists of many varieties of Indian foods.The food which is prepared is hygenic and healthy to eat.The staff is coperative and the waiters..."
"Food is your body’s fuel. Without fuel, your body wants to shut down😋...Perfect lunch❤..Where: Aahar..."
Shilpi Gaur
"Today I order from zomato veg burger from aahar. Perfectly packed ,fresh, and tasty in 75rs+ tax is the cost. Which is quite heavy we have it as a..."
"The chole bhature was mouth watering when I saw the plate and the taste was equally tasty as it was looking. Rates are really very reasonable. I also..."
Priya Garg
"Aahar is a very rek owned name in restaurant in tasty food....Tried their veg singapuri chowmin...veg thalis so many times....paneer dosa is also..."
Mr Raja Ali
"Here food is always great ......can order anything without any confusion.....i like the Chinese of this is also very good ..easy..."
Deepali MITTAL
"Taste - 💯Quality-💯The food was delicious and was sealed well.Overall food quality, texture, quality was good.It deserves a..."
"Good place good taste...I can go many tyms and ordered many items every tym the taste was good some time quantity m be low but overall nice and..."
Utkarsh Bansal
"Ahaar is best restaurant in Sanjay place for lunch and dinner with family. I ordered strawberry shake and reshmi chaap with french rice and"
Kavita Saraswat
"Yaha ka khana shandar h or me apne friends ke sat aahar aaya hu mujhe yaha ka interior design tikh thak laga maga yaha ka khana mujhe kafi aacha laga..."
Prince Shazeb
"Best place to calm your food desired Best in taste balance taste of Indian flavours Kataria Digitals Printing and Advertising solution..."
"Today lunch at Aahar Restaurant in Sanjay Place. We ordered one special thali , Veg Biryani , panner tikka Masala, & Some Mocktails. Food was awsome..."
"It's a good place to have your family dinner the food taste is very good and services and food quality and quantity is very good the rates are..."
Mohak Makhija
"I have ordered multiple times from this place. The food is simply fab. The quality is amazing and it's always fresh. Be it anything, this place has..."
Yashvi Manglik
"If you are hunger and wants good food then you can visit #AaharGood food and behaviour 💕👌👍Me and my family visited aahar 2 days..."
Sandeep Kumar Gupta
"Food taste is good and delicious. I ordered from here for home delivery. So packaging is also good. But the only point i didn't liked about it was..."
Anshuman Gilani
"Best dal makhni .best taste. Iwant to recommened to u to order from dis restaurant.its chowmein is lazwab and kadhai..."
"The restaurant is very goodGood ambianceGreat foodButPrice is little highService is also very fastGolgappe were..."
Agra_Foodie Aditya Kapoor
"Great taste. I loved it.. staff is nice..Waiting time is not too much..Amazing food. At decent price food is really great..Interior is..."
Harshita Agarwal
"Amazing food and ambience. We tried onion uttapam, chole bhature and chow Mein noodles. None of the dishes dissappointed us. Kudos to the chefs here...."
Darshil Gutka
"Malai kofta was yummy as usual, my..."
Deepak Kushwaha