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Society Biryani
91/100 (1262 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Lovely time small restaurant but quantity high quality best and..."
Bijit Podder
"Yummy and delicious biryani in our..."
Shah Fahad
"It's the best biriyani counter in shibpur. But it's online price RS 20 extra. Now Motton Biriyani 140 chicken biryani 130 on 13.6.20. I request if..."
Sourav Dey
"Quantity is not promise..."
Bilu Das
"Good taste in shibpur area where options are very less. Will order again. But you need to add swiggy also, for enhancing customer..."
"This is a very well know local Biryani place in Shibpur Area. It is located near Mandirtala.They serve Aloo biryani,Chicken Biryani,mutton..."
"It is a takeway section and is always a outlet of rush mostly because of their fast food.Roll is of their main weapon to attract customer..."
Soham Banerjee
"Ordered a chicken Biryani and it was amazing to my surprise. You get a full leg piece and half a piece of large potato. The plate is designed for one..."
Osin Roy
"One of the most amazing restaurant I have ever seen. The behavior of the owner as well as all the staff are so polite that we can't even imagine...."
Sreetam Roy
"Ordered chicken biryani and chicken kassa for lunch.. the biryani was literally mouth watering , good in amount, 2 people can be fed with one plate..."
Ankana Pal
"This is a very old and famous restaurant.Its situated Near shibpur Tram depot.they mainly provides rolls biriyani and kababs.I loved that place and..."
সৌমেন গুঁই
"I am really satisfied with this place their mutton biryani is so delicious and tasty l really liked the food thanks a lot and when I want to deliver..."
Rupanwita Mitra
"Excellent 👍 delivery . I have received delivery at the perfect time. I am glad to receive my order. Thanks 😊 society biryani. They call me at..."
Gopinath Dhara
"Having biriyani from this take away counter for almost ten years now, and they have never disappointed us. Mutton biriyani is their speciality...."
Debanjan Das
"This is a very old north indian or fast food restaurant, located near Shibpur Tram Depot bus stoppage. It is mainly famous for its biryani and rolls...."
Paromita Sarkar (ps_its_foodstories)
"Located near Shibpur Tram Depot, this place is well known for it's Biryani among the locals, they also serve various rolls which are easy on the..."
Tummy Tales
"This outlet is located near Shibpur tramdipo.They are selling biriyani for more than 10years. Ambience of this shop is not so good. But Taste of..."
Sarmistha Sarkar
"This is near TramDepot Shibpur...It is very famous for it's Biryani,Rolls...The place has served for many years and they have never compromised with..."
Ritabrata Dey
"One of the oldest biriyani and roll shop in shibpur.A must visited place for every biriyani lover. The place is just near shibpur tram..."
Sounak Chatterjee
"I m rating this place 5 out of 5 only because of the taste of its Mutton Biriyani. It's just 5 mins away from my home and I m in Love with this taste..."
Utsav Khan
"One of the well known hidden gems of the Shibpur area, Society has always been famous for its biriyanis, kebabs and rolls. A place which you will..."
Ayan Bhattacharya
"If u r looking for a take away outlet for biryani and roll, this joint is a well known old joint. If u talk abt the biryani, this place can give a..."
Vikas Pavithran
"the best thing about this place is there amazing foods and it's variety and quality. their Biryani is very famous and their rolls and mughlais are..."
Bikash Prajapati
"Finally tried their mutton biryani... quantity is more than sufficient for the price and it taste so awesome. No doubt it serves the best biryani in..."
Sinjini Guha
"The taste of biriyani of this place is no doubt great but the location and ambience is not good. There is no proper place for sitting and dine out..."
Priyanka Dey
"The new addition of fried chicken is really awesome . The other preparations are also good in taste . Biriyani is awesome and the best biriyani in..."
"One of the oldest biriyani and roll shops in Shibpur . Have tried their chicken and mutton rolls. Both are good and available for a low price. In my..."
Rajdeep Maity
"Really value for money...i go atleast two times in a was fantastic at this price its provides burger,fried chicken and..."
Angshuman Dutta
"They serve some lip-smacking mutton biryani at such a reasonable price. I had once brought mutton biryani from this joint and just fell in love with..."
Dipannita Mallick
"It is old joint near shibpur tram depot.....They are famous for biriyani and seating arrangement is there only take away..."
Chiranjit Bhattacharya
"I just love the roll here and all the foods. Its the great restraunt. Love to eat food from here my mother is a great fan of the chicken roll and..."
Ashna Islam
"One of the well known places in locality ... They are specialized in biriyanis and those are really very good to taste ..... But the only problem is..."
Aritra Basu
"Very good value for money. This used to be a mutton shop decades back but they smartly reformef themselves into a take - away counter in the evening..."
Arijit Das
"Good location. But doesn't provide sit&eat facility. The biriyani and the rolls are probably the best in that area. Very cheap and tasty. They also..."
Sayan Deep De
"You won't find a single person who doesn't know about this place. Serving biriyani for a long time. Biriyani both Chicken & Mutton taste good. You..."
Aniket Banerjee
"As the place is located in a very rush place and as it is well known for his biryani but after biryani eat it's roll it's serves with a good quality..."
"Only takeaway sit and dine facility....Go for Biryani and Roll ...Best Biryani In Shibpur Area .....Quality of Rolls Vary ......Usually those..."
Soumya Mandi
"Well, their Biryani is one thing to die for. What a taste! Try their chicken chap aside a plate of Biryani. Besides they make very good egg chicken..."
Suchintan De
"Biriyani is exceptionally well here but ambience is not quite well enough.One should try chicken and mutton biriyani and also chicken chap from..."
Soumodeep Patra
"All the time look doesn't matter. The best rolls in the town. Try different types of rolls, the way they make it is really Remarkable. And the taste..."
Er Sayan Chatterjee
"Average. The quality is also average. This outlet is the nearest to my home so sometyms chalta haai. And rolls and other menus are also average...."
Indrajit Roy
"Excellent food & nice behaviour of the stuff Specially for their parntha 🙏& kebabs.Briyani is also excellent. Rolls are really..."
"I went there for taking biryani and tasted it , it was so good in taste and I will like to there again to have it. I didn't tried the roll and chaps..."
Akshay Burnwal
"Society is pretty much of a local go to spot for Biriyanis. I think that as a resident of that locality, if I want to celebrate something major or..."
Priyadarshini Mukherjee
"An old joint near shibpur tram depot.. i simply love their biriyani and chicken chaap....rolls are also good..doesn't look impressive bt u'll love..."
"Our old joint for Roll and Biryani near shibpur tramdepot.. Nice rolls and very tasty..."
Subhadeep Das
Mitali Sweet
89/100 (331 ratings)
"One of the best sweet shop in the locality. They have two outlets,this outlet is located near Aloka bus stand. They serve quality sweets and also..."
"Aha!! AmaxZing sweet hear we get there is variety of sweets are there specially it's winter time and gurer rosogolla are just mouthwatering no..."
Riya Kundu
"I have been visiting this place since childhood and have wallowed in myself to their very tasty and amazing Mishti Doi, Singhara(Samosa) and other..."
Abhijit Pandey
"A very well known sweet shop in the locality. Sweet quality really excellent. Price is also very much reasonable. Though given picture of only two..."
Paromita Sarkar (ps_its_foodstories)
"This is an well known sweet shop in the locality but I myself don't like it because the taste is not soo good and the most important thing is that..."
Aritra Basu
"Lovely awesome sweet shop in Howrah just opposite Ganges garden near my friends house he recommended me this small outlet try there chum chum khir..."
Rajesh Kothari
"Mitali Sweets is one of the popular sweet shops in shibpur area especially their sandesh and kesariya chamcham.The USP of this place is that their..."
Jayant Dugar
"The sweet shop next door, have growm up eating its sweets. High on quality and low on price, to sum up this shop. The staff is extra friendly and..."
Aman Gaulechha
"I was a big fan of their sweets especially their son papdi and misti doi. But now-a-days the quality of sweets is not as good as before. Don't know..."
The Offbeat Collections
"Well I 've been having sweets from this place since I was born. They never compromise on the quality of the products that they use to make the..."
Sriparna Ghosh (thewineanddinestory)
"Only sweet shop in Howrah which has satiated my sweet tooth. They offer a variety of sweets. And I assure you all of them are tasty. Unlike others..."
Nitin Sharma
"I personally cherish their sweets. The best thing that I like about them is they never compromise on the quality of 'Chenna' (dairy product).One..."
Suchintan De
"A shop where sweets are made in the morning and are not available in the evening. Freshness and quality redefined. Though a little over-priced, if..."
Priyanka Maharaj
"Located just opposite ganges garden.This is one of the oldest sweet shop of howrah..they sell many varities of sweet varying from chocolate,..."
Kaushal Sharma