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Natural Ice Cream
87/100 (4201 ratings)
"Its good , love tender coconut and sitaphal ice cream..."
"Nice ambience!! Quality..."
Sachin Poojary
"As the name suggests these icecreams are made with natural flavours.The softness of the ice cream and freshness of the flavours are just..."
"This is a go to place for ice cream. Tender coconut is an absolute favorite. So roasted almond, mango are another favorites.Service 5/5..."
Tejshree Naik
"Natural ice cream parlor in panvel is very much recommended. It is variety of tasty flavours of ice creams. The service of Natural Ice Cream in..."
Kalpana M.H
"Natural ice cream is one of my favourite icecream parlour, it gives you temptation taste whether you are hungry or not. I have asked almost every..."
"Keep on visiting here for my all time favourite tender coconut.Highly highly recommend..."
Amit Varma
Khushi Shetty
Rashvik Sharma
"This is how i welcomed 2020. Enjoying my favourite brands ice cream. Sitaphal ice cream has turned out to be seasons blockbuster for Naturals and yoy..."
"BLACK GRAPEThis place is known for its variety of natural flavors of 🍨.Which made it unique out of all.I had black grape icecream..."
Soul Kitchen Of Rashmi
"Natural ice cream is one of my favourite ice creamI love tender coconut flavour.Every time i visit there i only buy tender coconut.It is..."
Suyog Jadhav (Brothers On Vacation)
"We all know about this place because it's famous but the reason it's famous is because the quality of the ice cream they serve us it's top..."
We Eat Everything Delicious
"I've been to many Natural outlets and this one is my favourite so far. Here you'll find the place crowded post 10 pm and it's open till 1 am & that's..."
Flavours Of Bombay
"They have pure natural icecreams. We ordered custard apple and jackfruit. Both had chunks of the fruits in it that tasted great. Opt for naturals..."
Sana ❤
"A very nice place in panvel for all ice creams lovers near Orion mall. Good place and reasonable price for theirs..."
"This brand is my all time favourite.We order from here always 😍 specially tender coconut and mango favour is my favourite ❤️I highly..."
Reenu Chavan
"This ice cream brand is my all time favorite..almost all.the ice creams I had ever had from here are good!!I live their sitaphal and tender..."
Apurva Patil
"Choco bite_3/5Choco cream-4/5Choco almond-5/5Ambience-5/5Taste it feel it repeat itGood serviceI scream you scream we..."
Apurva Patil
"First choice for late night ice cream cravings. Good staff. Tried the special malai khurma ice cream, mango and chickoo. All of them were delicious...."
Aniket Parte
"Naturals is known to bring out seasonal innovative flavours. The mulberry, blackberry and raspberryw ice cream were super delicious leaving the trail..."
Fork Out
"my favorite ice cream brand. all icecreams are superb.its creamy and tasty and fruity. its my all time favorite and i have been having it since..."
Nilanjana Bhattacharya
"I recently tried Tender coconut and its my favourite here. It's truly awesome and taste is perfectly natural. New favourite ice cream flavour found!..."
Ritu Jha
"When in doubt I always go with tender coconut.Fresh fruit ice creams are worth trying depending on seasons.Some of the flavors I liked were..."
Mandar Borhade
"Naturals has many outlets around the city. Its usually buzzing with ice-cream fanatics even past 10 p.m.My personal favourites has to..."
The Munchy Tales
"Not attending calls. No use of contact number. Number is continuously engaged. Atleast given contact number should be in working condition.this is..."
Seema Phatkare
"One of my favourite place to have Ice cream . They have a wide variety of ice cream . All the ice creams made from natural fruit plum. My favourite..."
Komal Patil
"They serve fresh and tasty ice creams. Every one must try. Jelabi is their new flavor sweet lovers will definitely enjoy this flavor. Staff are very..."
Hrishi Menon
"All time favourite place to have ice cream.They have so many different flavours to choose from. I have tried almost all of their..."
"Superb place. Very clean & family friendly place in Panvel. Ambience is too good. Naturals bas naam hi kafi hai🤙 Always End a dinner with naturals..."
Sonal Mukadam
"As we all know naturals is just known by its branding....The outlet also serves good ice-cream and allows you to select as per your..."
Samyak Balad
"Always favourite.. though I like Tender coconut most, this time tried pina colada which was nice as well. Also had kala jamun and yummy mango..."
Abhijeet Patil
"Never had a bad icecream here!This place has been around for about 9-10 years and was recently renovated with a local theme of Karnala Bird..."
Your Fuzzy Foodie
"Look and Feel - 4/5Food -4/5Quantity -4/5Quality -4/5cost efficiency -3/5they have redecorated the place very..."
"as original , as natural , as tender as the Name 💞one of the top best icecream parlour’s since ages...they’ve recently renovated the..."
"All time fav place to have ice cream which contain natural feel of flavour.. recently they renovated this brand.. so ambience is improved.. always..."
Darshan Tamboli
"A nice place to chill with family and friends over some dessert. Easy to locate as its bang opposite Orion mall. Lovely decor, i liked the ode to the..."
Herbert Fernandes
"I love dessert. All kinds. But there's something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless..."
"abb isskr bareme kay kahuu💙ok listen now I am telling a secret that how to get discount in natural ice creamgo with camera and start..."
Chaitanya Kale
"The new place is awesome with amazing interiors...Icecream here is always the best...Costs are bit high....but for the quality u get its..."
Shreya Patil
"Located near New Panvel junction on the Old Panvel highway below the bridge, this branch of Natural Ice Cream is a comfortable place to have good..."
Keval Ajmeri
"If someone asks me to place Natural Ice cream in my favourites list, then I would say it can clear in the top 5 positions. It's comparable with BR..."
Vedant Athavale
"Love natural's Rosted Almond and Coconut icecream 😊love this place because it is open till late night and you can njoy the ice cream after..."
Neha Mishra
"All time favoriteTender coconutKesar pistaSitafalPapaya pineappleLocation near st depotStaff friendlyDecor..."
Prasad Warde
"This place is lit 🔥 , i just can't stop myself from being dragged towards this place, my favourite ice cream is tender coconut , i love it when..."
Prathmesh Jadhav
"I am  Regular at Naturals ice cream parlour at Thane, but in Thane it's too far from house in New Panvel, there should be one more outlet in New..."
Ajinkya Kuberkar
"Wonderful place for ice cream, but now service is not upto the mark....  various flavours with natural ingredient as well..... hope the service will..."
Saurabh D. Potphode
"As usual. This particular place is a unique favourite of mine in new panvel. I visited this place on its opening night years ago. To return to this..."
"The good thing is they're open till late. They also keep almost all flavours, I personally like Sitaphal and tender coconut. The chocolate flavours..."
Manas Joshi
"Definitely the best ice cream parlor in Mumbai. They have fresh and creamy ice cream like no other. Do not miss their daily specials. You will be..."
"A small place near highway of panvel. I tried like all most all the flavors over there and my favorite is tender coconut, sitaphal, coffee,chocobite,..."
Reem Gite
"Tried papaya pineapple, roasted almond, shahi anjeer, all the flavours were good, place is situated on the main road below a flyover, can visit,..."
Asim Khalfay
"A good place to have an ice cream during summer season.They provide a variety of ice creams to choose from.I ordered for a mango one. You..."
"Natural Ice Creams truly justifies the name it adorns. Natural Ice Creams is known for serving the most delicious flavors that tastes absolutely..."
Gourav Sarkar
"Naturals ice-creams are my favourite- not specific to this branch. The best thing about this is that you'll find it open till 12:30 in the..."
Nikhil Bhirud
Kwality Wall's Swirl's
85/100 (131 ratings)
"This outlet can make most people happy. Their desserts are surely the best. Smoothies and shakes are also good to try. Tubs are best to try for..."
"Best icecream and have ample of flavorsValue for moneyPocket friendlyTaste 4.5/5Ambience 4.5/5Service..."
Sana Shaikh
"Very nice place for icecream and smoothies. Affordable rates. Must try once. Situated in the prime location. Especially try chochlate flavours and..."
Devesh Pendse
"This ice cream parlour has always offered me very delightful ice creams with a very creative manner.This outlet in new panvel provide ample..."
Rohan Patil
"One of places in Panvel for having good ice creams and shakes, serves quick , it’s good for takeaway, shakes are average , softies are really good..."
Saf Diwan
"Service - goodAmbiance - ok (normal kwality wall's ambiance)Taste - greatBlackforest swirl - vanilla base, vanilla biscuits,..."
Sumedh Gadgil
"All time favourite black currant ice cream. But it only have limited flavors and the mixing of different flavours aren't that good. But for the..."
Shridevi Nair
"Love this place. My favourite is thunderstorm😍This joint is quite small only 3_4 ppl can sit.Its better you grab the ice cream and move..."
Neha Mishra
"Every time i visit this place i feel blessed, everyone loves ice cream, and every time i visit it feels so good and refreshing , ice creams are worth..."
Prathmesh Jadhav
"Happy to visit here regularly ..!! Had tried many varieties here . Today has Mango smoothie which was great even without its season. Even chochlate..."
Milan Devani
"The only place in Panvel to have the most lip licking ice cream. Fresh made ice cream is topped with desired toppings. Lots of options in the menu...."
SaMiksha Kale
"I was not much ice cream fan before I tried 'Swirls'.Yo! Its sooo delicious. I never left any swirls for try. Be it mango season, or..."
Advait Sontakke
"Happiness Station by Kwality Wall's/New PanvelA small outlet with plenty of Kwality Wall's famed ice-creams and I went-in for my favourite..."
"Quite and the nice place to enjoy. There are 4 tables so may not be good for more than 12 . Tasty ice cream. Service is good . There is no extra tax..."
Shilpa Bhaskar
"I love most of the icecreams of kwality. Whether it be magnum or softy. I love it. Zippers are also fine. Place is too small. Wish to have a big and..."
Reem Gite
"Small place with just two tables...staff is good...i prefer picking up thunderstorm and chocolate disc among the rest but the best i prefer apart..."
"It's been renovated for quite some time now..nice place to get desserts after your meal..small can hangout here with your friends..staff..."
Omkar Gujar
"Kwality Walls has been a boon for people residing here. Perfect ambience , Great icecreams. Decent service. It has the perfect location. Cheers..."
Akash Roy Chowdhury
"Well it's a very. normal kwality walls outlet..........They serve great ice creams and one of the best in town.......their ice creams tastes very..."
Aneetta Davis
"A small parlour to beat this scorching heat.... Swirls has been a meeting point for all Amigos for years from now... Have been visiting this..."
Jeet Karmaran
"Kwality Walls is a leading brand & this parlor is one of the best of its parlors in Mumbai..Awesome Taste...You can't get the same taste in any other..."
Tarun Vijwani
"The Best Ice Cream Parlour have ever Visited, one of my Fav, its now a Happiness Station, Very True said by the Company it really makes me n my..."
Dilip Gwalani
"WohoooThis ice cream parlour rocksLoved the flavours over theirWe willget good quality ice creamKwality wall's happiness station..."
Śąůřąv Kôłí
"Its a place where u get every type of ice cream flavours but its just too expensive. If you have got money go for it... or else just go a mile..."
Inshaal Khan
"The Zipper was great and was well made. The staff was also very courteous. But I think it, Kwality Wall's Products, are way overpriced...."
Jobin James
"Best ice cream Parlour in Panvel. Chill grill is the best ice cream wherein you can choose two ice creams n 3 toppings n a sauce of your choice. Just..."
Anuprita Waraich
"Kwality Wall's Happiness Station is one of the best icecream parlor in this area.Strawberry Swirl and Magnum Swirl is Amazing.Ilove this..."
Nancy Kukreja
"Kwality Wall's Swirl's is now Kwality Wall's Happiness Station,pleasant interior and chill grill is one the best icecream I ever had.i will give..."
Sunil Kukreja
"Wow... amazing ambience. Truly International.Tasted Chill Grill... loved it. I am a big fan of Swirls but Happiness Station is something very..."
Amit Chadha
"Swirls is one of my favorite ice cream parlor. Their trademark ice cream 'swirls' is absolutely fantastic. It is a cup filled with a base of vanilla..."
Gourav Sarkar
"The icecreams are delicious.Truly specially the chocholate cassta,smooties grapes nd fruit selection its truly..."
Disha Kadam
Barbeque Nation
82/100 (1353 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"I visited barbeque nation first time in August 2019 on my birthday instead being a vegetarian, but due to the hype created by barbeque natiom among..."
"Food is very good also the service is very good. We love the service done by Ms.Sheetal. must visit and Pan kulfi is must try..."
Nikita Ghogale
"Loved the work and enthusiasm of every staff ,specially jay kumar !!.had a..."
Shubham Sakpal
"Hemraj was Soo helpful, at first they made it spicy which was not able to consume much, by seeing us only he suggested about the less spicy cuisine,..."
Jibin Rajan
Mamta Mohanta
"Excellent service by..."
Sairaj Londhe
"So this was a pending review from my end which i completely forgot to update.I ordered the Ramazan special combo and it was lip smacking ly good..."
"Veg and Non-veg lover with great appetite should come check this place. Nice place for hangout with friends and family. Staff is nice and food is..."
Pratik Chavan
"A place for chicken lovers who have an appetite for having and huge meal this is the perfect place for them bbq offers ala cart menus fix price for..."
"Finally A Good place for take away. Ordered chicken biryani, chk kathi roll and angori gulab jamun. Everything was perfect , packaging was flawless ...."
Koli Harshad
"This time i went with my special one on my birthday to bbq and i love this place.....this is the best option to go for family party and date also......."
"Meal ❤.@barbequenation you served us with delicious food at such a reasonable price. Kudos. 👐We had Naan, Chicken Makhani and 4 small..."
We Eat Everything Delicious
"UBQ by barbeque nation is an delivery outlet started by Barbeque Nation itself which is quiet a good option for having a combo food options.The..."
Rohan Patil
"Such an awesome thing for all the bbqn lovers that now they can order whatever they like from bbqn directly at their house ! i was so happy & excited..."
"What an sumptuous food i had this evening,really an awesome experience....keep up the good work👍i recommend their food to everyone....a must try..."
Vishal Jadhav
"Not bad at all.. Was skeptical after reading some negative comments, but the food was pretty good. I also loved their packaging. I an not sure if its..."
Vaishnavi Narvekar
"Your meal was so delicious to eat I and my family enjoyed lot to eat it. Our stomach got full with less moneyAnd please prepare this like..."
Nitin Gupta
"Value of moneyI was not expecting I ll get good quantityComing to presentation5 out of 5Food5 out of 5Taste5 out..."
Swad Veg Treat
82/100 (3789 ratings)
"we went to a restaurant named swad which is in khanda colony ..almost 10-15 mins from khandeshwar station via is a great place for..."
"Menu on Swiggy for this restaurant is not correct. This is a pure Veg restaurant whereas the Swiggy menu has non-veg items. Please update the menu..."
Riyaz Memon
"Me and my friends visiting this place every time when we free. Are favourite place for veg.Every time we order the Garlic sandwich...."
Monika Bade
"We have been to this place a couple of times and like the simple and tasty food here. This is a veg restaurant hence the food doesn't have over the..."
Varsha Bagadia
"In Khanda Colony One of the best Vegetarian Hotel. They have changed the interior which is impressive. Must try kadai paneer, Kholapuri veg, veg..."
"One of the best pure veg restaurant in khanda colony.Always love to have breakfast here and specially never forget to drink tea after every..."
"#DikhaawaEATSOut #34 #SwadVegTreat #KhandaColony #NewPanvel #NaviMumbai#SouthIndian #Udupi #Snacks #Chaat #JuicesAs we were late on..."
Iam AK(Anaikomagan)
"Mast hai ye place i love it idarka foods bhi superb and pav bhaji,chole,sev puri bhi mast yaha ka atmosphere bhi badiya hai khas kar ac room ka..."
"This restaurant provides you the best service & best food. The seating here is big and you wont ever face any seating issue.The staff is proactive..."
"Best service, best veg food, best quality and quantity of food at pocket friendly price!!! Dey have a wide range of veg food.. One of the best veg..."
Khanche Heena
"Swad veg treat offers very tasty food . Best for the people who love to have not so spicy but yet tasty food . Paneer tikka masala is myy favorite..."
"Simply the Best!This restaurant is really famous for it's vegetarian food among people living in Khanda Colony. Been to this restaurant numerous..."
Sneha Anns
"Food is beauty... try their plain rice, it is as beautiful as those expensive jeera rice at costly restaurants... price is good for family/group,..."
"Nice one, not for hi fi persons but the quality of food is superb. you will definitely enjoy if you are a food lover but if you are interested in..."
Raj Agarwal
"For the vegetarian people this is amazing place. They provide AC as well no AC seating for having foodFood quality over here is good..."
Śąůřąv Kôłí
"I love the south indian dishes but not the north indian ones......though a nice place to go find lot of varieties in dosa and they won't..."
Aneetta Davis
"South indian food, pav bhaji n tawa pulav r must haves apart from the usuals. Small resto but service is efficient and quick. Good option for..."
Foodritic ©
"Starter is very good. Try veg manchow soup and veg manchurian dry.Its very good.Hotel is very clean.Service is quick. Ac room available.Better for..."
Anand Bhat
"the pav bhaji is tasteless.n unhygienic place makes it more..."
"Nice quality and taste. Happy we got one and d best veg resto in our..."
Aniket Pavlekar
"What I like about swad is their quick home delivery..And also the fact that they deliver for any amount like they even deliver even if you..."
Sarvesh Shete