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Happy Cane
95/100 (4 ratings)
"fast delivered..."
"I've visited this place with my friend. We ordered Veg and Corn Grilled Jumbo Sandwich and Chocolate PanCake. The sandwich was one of the best veg..."
"not good for..."
Mutyala Naga Tejaswi
"Ordered veg pizza and chocolate sundae ... Pizza is really tasty and nice. Even the sundae are extremely good..Must visit place for juices and..."
Tanuja Vid
"I visited this place 3 years back for the first time.  It has many variety  of juices which are tasty. Tried almost all of them except wheat grass..."
Srinivas Sharma
"This is a place we can find all varities of fresh tasty fruit juices.My favorite is sapodilla milkshake and Ice creams in happy cane. Right now..."
"Nice and tasty. Here I found lot of variety sugar cane juices. Along with juice I had a tasty sandwich. I prefer this for tasty and healthy juice..."
Srikanth Chowdary
"It's a good place for sitting and family too and they serve good and all are delicious there are many juicies and they use fresh fruits and yummy..."
Abhilash Abhi
"It's a place to make urself healthy. Varieties of fresh fruit juices and varieties of sugar cane juices along with we can have yummy sandwiches.The..."
Shravani Enagala
"Nearby place to catch up with friends over healthy juices and snacks. We tried ice creams and they quiet good.Nice place to enjoy a silent..."
Mieraj Begum
"Happy cane is not just a cane juice counter, they serve sandwiches and juices. The pan cakes are really awesome, their double chocolate pan cake was..."
"Happily servedThis restaurant is quite nearby to our place and I had been there before for cane juice but never tried any other..."
Sameera Chintalapati
"Looking to drink something fresh, tasty and good for health? This is your place! (Nope, I'm not their ambassador that I'm advertising 😛)A..."
"Want to make yourself feel healthy!? This is the place! They blend and perfectly mix a variety of fruits and veggies. The sandwiches here are..."
Harshini Gudi
"Ambience 4/5Food5/5Service 5/5Cost 5/5Sugar cane juice with ginger is my favourite juice here I love this place for only ginger..."
Sandeep Kodithyala
"ABSOLUTELY LOVE HAPPY CANE!!We have visited Happy Cane on my last few visits to hyderabad.The food and fruit juices at the Happy Cane are..."
"Loved the happy cane lot.....specially weatgrass Juce. Nice taste different from others juces Good for health so nice place to spend evening hours..."
Jeshvanth Yadav
"I bet u all gonna love it a lot.This is the only ice cream shop nearby.Ofcourse even juices are available.It has got lovable choices..."