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0265 Burgers, Pizzas & More
94/100 (180 ratings)
"Serves best and fresh burgers in the..."
Ritika Joshi
"Loved the burgers!! Absolutely succulent patty with amazing sauces!! It was soo tummy..."
Jinal Patel
Ratnajeet Wadile
"Amazing place for burgers. I have been here more than a couple of times and each and every time I have enjoyed the smoked paneer burger. With limited..."
Alok V
"0265 Burgers and Pizza is located in Alkapuri Baroda and we are yet wondering how this name came up. Last week we tried their Cheese Garlic Bread and..."
Dhaval Z
"Located in Alkapuri Baroda, they have the best burgers on town. I tried their Smoked Paneer Burger and the Cheese Garlic Bread 2 days back and..."
Dimple Zaveri
""I can't name a better burger in the city.... and with a good sound track. to eat to, always good music in here. We are definitely very happy and..."
Deepa Divecha
"Overall great experience. We ordered mushroom pizza, chicken Tikka burger and hash brown and eggs burger. Highly recommend it. Side of fries can be..."
"My quest for the best burger is now over with a crown of chicken classic burger from 0265. Thanks a ton. Will see you soon. And keep coming...."
DrPranav Patel
"Loved my double cheese margarita pizza with Jalapeno and chopped garlic on a thin crust. Friendly owner and lovely decor at this hidden gem in..."
Ketan Kakkad
"Great place...enjoyed the burger as the patty was juicy and the bun ws also soft unlike other places...definitely going back again to try other..."
Jalay Bakshi
"This place by far, I mean by far is the best place for burgers, and the most under rated of all, their thin crust pizzas stand out too.  Ambiance of..."
Foods Foods
"Had chicken hawaiin, bacon burger and chicken classic burger which was tasty, small cozy place with a good host and it was pocket friendly too...."
Bonny Tiwari
"0265 - Burgers and Pizza is perhaps the best joint in our city for fresh and quality food. The owner, Dhaval, is a fun and down to earth guy who..."
N. Parikh
"One of the best burgers I have tried , it's nice and cozy place . A great place to hangout with your friends and having a delicious burgers and..."
Riya Parikh
"I loved the experience of having such a great burger joint in Vadodara... amazing burgers and pizzas.The price are a bit high and the song..."
Jeneel Soni
"For those who love meaty-juicy fresh burgers (like those in USA), 0265 has got it ALL RIGHT... Be it smoked paneer, grilled eggplant, egg or..."
"Small decent place in lane of particular area hard to find.... Burger pizza & cold drinks are available... Veg non veg both... Mostly there are non..."
Nishith Chaudhari
"Best place to have authentic n delicious burgers in the town. We had Classic Chicken n Chicken Bacon burgers. Soft buns, caramelized onions,..."
Jay Patel
"One of the best authentic burgers you can find in Vadodara. The real crisp burger with juicy taste I can't deny it's one of the American styled..."
Farhad Lalkaka
"0265 burger pizzas & more has my heart❤❤ best place in vadodara for chicken burgers. Literally the first place to serve bacon and pork! 😌 so..."
Samiksha Yadav
"writing up a review after a long long time, and trust me, I had to do it for 0265!Hands down the best burgers the city has to offer. Be it..."
Sanam Singh
"Great soothing ambience to begin with !! We tried the smoked paneer and egg burger - both of them had a veryunique taste and was very different..."
Manish Ajwani
"Cozy little place.. Tried veg classic burger and Hawaiian chicken.service is quick. Would love to come again with friends.. The owner is very humble..."
Gaurav Gujral
"This place serves one of the best Chicken Burger I ever had in Vadodara. If you are visiting for first time then I highly recommend you to try the..."
Ankush Dey
"Casually explored this place called 0265 & tried cheese & paneer burger.. to my surprise it was the best taste I ever had. Would recommend food..."
Rashmi Shukla
"This place offers some really good burgers. I ordered chicken bacon burger and classic chicken burger. The burger Patty was just the right..."
Sanjana Junnarkar
"Amazing food, amazing ambience. I have tried the smoked paneer burger which tastes amazing, and my friends tried the chicken burger with bacon and..."
Vinci Joshi
"Tasty as heck burgers accompanied with great ambience and oh my god that gypsy jazz guitar music in the background! This will be my go to place for..."
"Mouth watering, juicy and delicious burgers. I would say it's the best in town but it really should not be compared to other burger places in town as..."
Chirag Panjwani
"A very cosy place. I had the chicken bacon burger and the pepproni pizza. Excellent quality of food. Just what I wanted. Moreover the ambience..."
"There's nothing like the mutton burger. If you haven't eaten it you're missing something. Everything is perfect the ambience, the hospitality and..."
Harsh Divecha
"This place has great burgers, the taste and presentation of the food is outstanding and so is the service. I have been recommending this to all my..."
Abhilasha Dhake
"This is a very small joint with few offerings but whatever they offer are really good. We tried Paneer Burger and one of the pizzas there along with..."
Ashok Tanna
"Charred burger bread (=that crisp) + roughly ground meat patty (=that meat grease drizzle) + minimal veggies (=hitting that spot) + the signature..."
"Best burgers in town! A list must visit for any burger fans! It will make you forget the stereotypical Mcd and KFC burgers! Pizza is good but really..."
Nihar Soni
"Good burgers and a good pizza. Soft bun and a juicy and tasty patty in the middle. Nothing more to ask for. A thin crust pizza with a crispy base,..."
Avneet Thairiani
"I was a little skeptical to try bacon in Vadodara. However after reading the reviews on Zomato, I decided to give it a shot and I wasn't disappointed..."
"The CLASSIC burger is absolutely delicious & classic as the name goes by. 0265 kudos!The staff is polite and welcoming.Unique..."
"Recently I visited 0265 Burgers and Pizzas situated at Vishwas Colony, Alkapuri, just before Lazeez Restaurant. I read about this joint on Zomato as..."
Ashish Jaituni
"So I ordered in 0265 Burgers & Pizzas on a Friday evening! It reached me within 30 mins. I had been craving a burger for a long time, but I usually..."
"The perfect place for classic meat burger lovers, small cafe in Alkapuri. Awesome food, absolutely loved it! Totally recommend it. Discovered this..."
Disha Naik
"Absolutely delightful place. Definitely the best Burgers we have ever eaten in Vadodara. I was longing for a Mutton Burger for so long and the one..."
Nishant Jha
"Baroda definitely needed a place like this! About time people here realise that Burgers are a work of art and not a machine assembled junk - and the..."
Anirban Palit
"Getting bacon😋 in Baroda was itself an uphill task for me atleast! And then I found 0265! A small yet cosy place with enough of light to post our..."
Vikrant Jagtap
"Very Few near authentic burger joints in Vadodara. The taste of the burger is extra ordinary and there is a hearty meat patty inside every burger...."
Karan Jhaveri
"Heard about this new joint from a friend. A place serving traditional meat burgers is difficult to come by these days. Tucked in the small lane next..."
Farzad P Bokdawala
"Easily the best burger place in vadodara. The taste is not only the result of expert flavour mix, but attention on using fresh, clean ingredients, in..."
"came here in search of the perfect burger. the search is over. they served THE BEST burger i’ve ever tried. the flavours were so good, it pained me..."
"Tiny place with a burst of amazing fast food. Chicken burger and smoked paneer burger are delicious. Would love if they can come up with a couple of..."
Sapan Katwala
"Visited this place on a lazy sunday evening, it's inside vishwas colony. 0265 is a perfect example of how you can customize a small space into a..."
Avra Bose
"I m a big foodie and I loved the place,the man there is doing magic in his kitchen all alone and going it greatly. I strongly suggest you to go..."
Purv Jadhav
"This place is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the people of Vadodara. They make some amazing burgers and pizzas. They’re fresh and the..."
Meet Bhatt
"I’ve been here once and I had one of the Best Burgers here and I couldn’t resist coming here again today to have the same! And I’m so happy..."
Anjali Sikdar
"Lovely ambiance with a warm welcoming vibe. A special place for pizza and burger lovers. Must try 0265 special pizza. Will definitely be visiting..."
Devanshi Harani
"So i have tried their Burger for the first time which is Paneer. The steak is too good and the sauces too which are purely made by them, the owner is..."
Shreyas Shanker
"Already went twice👍Keep up the good work !!🍻🍔🍟Will be coming more for uor chicken burger and will definitely recommend 0265 to..."
Pratik S
"Awesome burgers and pizzas!!!! Nice place and ambience. Especially the smoked paneer pizza and the paneer burgers are a must try!!! Don't miss the..."
Ekta Shah
"An amazing place for pizza n burger lover... v tried their smoky paneer pizza n it was very delicious...n cheesy burger was so tasteful...i must say..."
"Lovely café with a cozy ambiance and a kind and helpful staff. The pizzas are a must-have (haven't tried the burgers yet). They have a crisp thin..."
Anuj Mehta
"Jhalak Desai I have been to most of the pizzerias and cafe in vadodara and this one STANDS APART!Be it the location, ambience,..."
Aditya Vora
"Just checking out of 0265...will come again... tried chicken burger and smoke paneer pizza... very very yummy.. must tell u if you don't like chicken..."
Suruchi Agarwal
"Awesome food and awesome ambience......definitely a must try......will keep visiting frequèntly.....i had chicken burger and it was simply..."
Ankit Bubna
"Pizzas are awesome and the burgers come wd some secret ingredient which makes it taste just yummy. Also, they are huge... and beats any other burger..."
Madhuri Mokariya
"Kushal Jani Kaushal JaniTurned out to be the best place for burgers in town.. really delicious.. chicken.. gooood..Pizza's are mouth..."
Karan Divecha
"The food is awesome and mouthwatering along with vivid interiors... overall experience is very good.. the way of presenting food was nice..I loved..."
"A small cozy space has charming ambience. Pizzas are really good and burgers are satisfactory and one of the best pancakes i have ever had in the..."
Sunny Rajput
"An amazing place to hang out ... must order smoky paneer pizza, soyabean potato burger which is loaded with hell amount of caramelized onions and..."
Kaushal Jani
"Delightful little place with an amazing menu whichnis easy to choose from. Authentic italian pizzas, I recommend the Mediterrian pizza which is..."
Indrajeet Jadeja
"Ordered Mushroom Pizza, Smoky Paneer and Cheese Poppers and loved it all! The venue is pretty decent and can say one of the best burgers in town!!!..."
Riddhi Bharucha
"The place to find legitimate burgers 💝 Really juicy burgers and crispy fries. Warm and homey ambience. Small and sweet spot to hangout with..."
Jay Malwade
"Starting with the location, a quiet place with good context. Good efforts for the interiors of the place not too flashy, not too fake and a cosy..."
Shrey Bhandari
"Love the chicken burger, Must try!! Watermelon slush was too good! Food is 100% worth with the price on Menu! Fast services aswell! The only pet..."
Shrishti Singh
"Amazing ambience. Warm and cozy. Great food, awesome flavours, especially the burgers. The jaw breaker is a must try. An ideal place for your weekend..."
Varad Pagedar
"The ambience is very much peaceful and the elements in the cafe are really beautiful.And about the food,pizzas they serve are very tasty and..."
Kushal Jani
"Awesome food!! ..the owner was kind enough to make me an American cheese burger.. Bacon chicken Patti.... Simply delicious.. Love to eat again and..."
Rajendra Suvarna
"AMAZING food taste place and price!!!!A definitely MUST VISIT. Don't miss it out!Smoked Paneer burger and 0265 Special Pizza tops the..."
"The place is amazing with great soothing ambience and some excellent thin crust pizzas. We had their special pizza and the smoked paneer burger. Must..."
Dev Jain
"Love the burgers 🍔 with perfect fillers. Don't think this quality is anywhere in the city! Love the mushroom and 0265 special pizza, perfect crust..."
Nipun Divecha
"AMAZING FOOD AMAZING PRICES AMAZING AMBIENCE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE FOOD and specially the smoked paneer burger and the margarita pizza ! The..."
Hemangini Chauhan